Jim Forster and INI portfolio companies have appeared in numerous publications and media outlets including: The Economist, MIT Press Journal, The Weekly Standard, Business Daily Africa, TEDxAfrica, and others.

Our investments have received various awards and recognition from the World Bank to Heads of State, including former President Barack Obama who recognized one of our portfolio investments at the Bloomberg US-Africa Business forum.


The Pioneering Continent

A continent that has long accepted technological hand-me-downs from the West is increasingly innovating for itself.

Facebook, Google, NGOs: Collaborators on the connectivity challenge

He [Jim Forster] describes the internet as a highway and road system, with fiber serving as a sort of superhighway at the country level, and investment opportunities for small businesses to set up filling stations to connect roads to one another.

Fertilizer by Phone

Esoko Enhances African Farmers’ Livelihoods through Innovations in Data Access

The Internet should be a highway road accessible to everyone

African governments and IT players on the continent should aim at building and opening up e-Infrastructure and internet services so that they are affordable and easily accessible to users.

Microsoft’s rural Kenya Internet bid gets Sh400m

Microsoft’s bid to offer cheap web connections in remote parts of Africa has got financial backing from the United States’ development finance institution, OPIC, with the signing of an agreement to fund Mawingu Networks, a provider of solar-powered wireless Internet in rural Kenya.

Facebook's OpenCellular aims to make remote internet access cheaper and easier

“You cannot have impact without scale and you can’t have scale without something that’s approaching profitability and so that’s what we’re after,” said Jim Forster.